Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's been a year...

Re-reading some of my posts I can't believe how honest I was. What once was housed in bedside drawers and shoved in closets becomes the purview of the entire world (if they so wish) to stumble upon your little blog. The thing I love about the internet-how interesting to let someone create their life for you (their pictures, their updates, their poetry) becomes not only how they wish/hope to create their reality for you-but also how you interpret and read their reality. You don't see them on their shitty days, on their crying days, on their nothing is going right days. You don't see how someone else may see them as a selfish, narcissistic asshole.

You just see them. Perfecting themselves. Molding it.

And I love it so much-I just might keep doing it myself.