Monday, September 26, 2011

maya angelou

One time-in 1997-I received a book of maya angelou poetry from my friend in middle school. I was moving into a house with my mom and her new husband. he left me a book of poems in my locker. A book, and candles and bubble buth. And he wrote an inscription and this is what it said,

" Sara, To a beautiful girl who is moving & getting a new tub. 3 little gifts to make it a little bit easier."

it took me years. YEARS. to read that again and-get it.

To a beautiful girl.

I want to let people that love into my life. That love me, who accept my love.

Thank you, Peter.

I've learned a few things. And your gift was an amazing understanding.

I intend to use my energies constructively instead of destrucsivly.

Amen, motherfuckers.

I still read the book of poetry.

And I still take baths.

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