Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vampires for Breakfast

During the course of our relationship I've convinced my husband to experience-and like-many parts of life that he otherwise would have passed over. I mean he was already pretty good at the guitar, smoking cigs, and acting cool thing. When I first hung out with him-actually one of the first times-he was at an apartment upstairs from mine (his friend lived in my building) stoned, playing video games, and spitting the juice from a wad of tobacco stuffed into his cheek into a coke bottle (I know-totally be still my heart moment). I thought that I could slowly, but surely expand his horizons. He did try to expand mine as well, but somehow I never got into 1970's rock bands (although YES is actually cool), old kung-fu movies, or drinking whiskey straight from the bottle.

Over time I got him to read ALL of the Harry Potter series, get a dog (which was my idea even though a I backed off of it last minute), watch LOST/Spaced/myriad of documentaries on the Netflix list,Drink Diet Sodas if he has to drink it at all, get married, buy a house, and go back to school. The most shocking "get" I've made with him is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He swore up and down that he would never watch the show, but he's so desperate at times for the pleasurable monotony that is watching episode after commercial free episode of television on DVD that he gave in. And even though the first season is kind-of lame-he's totally into it. Even if it's a girls show (Of course-right?-because it has a girl superhero)-but I also got him to sit down and watch Enchanted with me and I know he liked it even though he feigned disgust the whole way through.

I've had my failures-Dirty Dancing and When Harry Met Sally-Bye Bye Birdie-couples yoga(Sorta NSFW), and facebook. Certain things are enjoyed alone. The one thing I really want him to get into-which he won't since he can't wake up in the morning without a pressing reason-is going out for breakfast! Seriously, it is my favorite meal to pay someone else to make. Especially on Sunday mornings. It's early. The day is fresh, you can go over the paper and eat eggs a million different ways. So on this point I'm going to continue to enjoy breakfast with others in my life-while my husband sleeps in with the dog. Some things just aren't worth pushing. The dog on the other hand, glad I pushed on that one. Who else would keep my husband company when I'm off eating hash browns and drinking cup after glourious cup of coffee?

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