Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weiner vs. Wiener

I write about weiners. A lot. But here's my problem. I always thought it was "weiner", but I guess it is "wiener". Why? I've seen it spelled both ways. I've very confused about this whole thing.

God damn weiner confusion. It's the worst.

This is the first image that comes up with "wiener" on google image search:

This is the first one the comes (no pun intended) up (no pun intended) with "weiner":

The second picture is a more accurate visual representation of the context in which I use the word "weiner". The first is a more accurate visual representation of how people respond when I use the word "weiner."

I'm going with wiener. I before E expect after C and all. And in my family the wiener never comes before the C (if you know what I'm sayin'-nudge nudge).

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  1. Weiner and Wiener are two different words from German. The first is pronounced "Vie-ner" and means "wheelwright"--that is, someone who makes wheels. It's a trade surname. The second is pronounced "Vee-ner" and means someone or something from the city of Vienna, such as the sausage.